Razer Moray Ergonomic In-Ear Monitor Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.06.2023 15:46:28
Press Release

Razer raised the bar in gaming audio today by introducing its first-ever in-ear monitor (IEM), the Razer Moray. Designed with the unique demands of gamers and marathon streamers at its core, this groundbreaking IEM amalgamates all-day comfort with unparalleled audio quality, setting the stage for an entirely new paradigm in extended, fatigue-free gaming and broadcast sessions.

THX Certified: The Global Gold Standard in High-Fidelity Audio
The Razer Moray takes the gaming and streaming audio experience to new heights, thanks to THX Certificationóa globally recognized assurance of quality, consistency, and performance.

Tested and optimized by leading audio experts, the Razer Moray delivers clear vocals and dialogue, a distortion-free experience, and superior noise isolation, ensuring the highest standards of audio for both gaming and streaming. This certification assures listeners that right out of the box, the Moray delivers the artistís true vision, blending art, technology, and the dynamics of real-world listening environments.

Hybrid Dual-Driver Acoustic Design for Exceptional Sound
The Razer Moray features a hybrid dual-driver acoustic design, pairing a balanced armature driver for crystal-clear trebles with a dynamic driver for deep, rich bass. The result is exceptional audio quality that will keep streamers immersed with their fans for hours on end.

Ergonomically Designed for All-Day Comfort and Fit
In keeping with Razerís tradition of ergonomic excellence, the Moray prioritizes comfort during extended streaming sessions.
Its low-profile, ergonomic shape offers a snug fit that surpasses traditional headsets, eliminating pressure on the head and ears to deliver a seamless, fatigue-free streaming experience.

Superior Passive Noise Isolation for the Ultimate Streaming Focus
The Razer Moray is more than just an IEM; itís a content creation powerhouse. Superior passive noise isolation, capable of blocking up to -36 dB of noise, ensures that distractions are no longer a concern. Streamers can maintain focus on creating engaging content and captivating audiences.

Premium Braided Over-Ear Wires for Uninterrupted Streaming
Equipped with OFC MMCX cables and flexible memory loop tubing, the Razer Moray is designed to stay put and out of the way. These premium braided over-ear wires ensure the in-ear monitors remain secure while streamers entertain fans.

Stream Anytime, Anywhere with Custom Ear Tips and Carrying Case
With three types of ear tips in three different sizes, the Razer Moray guarantees optimal comfort and sound isolation. When packed up in the portable, splash-resistant carrying case, itís ready for creation and streaming from anywhere, at any time.

Razerís bold stride into the IEM arena with the Moray represents a seismic shift in the gaming and streaming audio landscape. Combining a hybrid dual-driver acoustic design for full-range audio, exceptional passive noise isolation, and unrivaled comfort for all-day streaming or gaming, the Moray stands as a new titan in the realm of in-ear audio for streaming.

Pricing and Availability
The Razer Moray In-Ear Monitor is now available on the Razer Store and partner resellers worldwide. Now available on Amazon US for US$129.99 and Amazon UK for £129.99.

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