Phanteks Launches the NV7 Case and D30-120 D-RGB Fans

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Phanteks launches the brand-new NV series of cases and D30 D-RGB Fans. Available in black and white colours, the Phanteks NV7 offers excellent cooling support and a panoramic view of the interior. On the other hand, the Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB comes in regular blade and reverse blade versions. The two versions of the D30-120 D-RGB is to provide two airflow options that will ensure the aesthetic front side of the fan is on the visible side, particularly when used in the new Phanteks NV7 chassis. Watch the Phanteks NV7 introduction video below.

Press Release
As the first to be released from the brand-new NV series of cases, the NV7 puts components at centre stage. With a near seamless glass panel and thoughtfully designed fan placements, the motherboard is made the focal point while the more mundane elements such as cables, are creatively hidden.

Whilst having a glass front and side panel, Phanteks have designed the NV7 to provide great airflow and support for various cooling options. Across all sides of The Phanteks NV7 is ultra-fine mesh to provide great airflow and dust filtration, including the base of the chassis. Three fans can be installed at the bottom of the case with the GPU bracket positioned above. The bracket offers a clearance of 85mm between the fans and GPU providing great air intake directly to the GPU. In total the Phanteks NV7 can support up to 12x 120mm fans or 3x 140mm fans across the case, or a triple 360 and 240 radiator at the same time. Fans are positioned all around the motherboard for a picture frame like system. The fan brackets in the bottom and side of the chassis can be removed as required and also included are airflow covers which can be installed on the top, side, or bottom fan bracket to prevent air circulation.

The Phanteks NV7 can support up to an E-ATX motherboard that is 277mm wide, and a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 185mm. The case offers clearance for a GPU up to 450mm in length and 185mm in width with a GPU support bracket included. Also included are an SSD bracket and a storage bracket with the case supporting 2x 3.5” SSDs or 6x 2.5” HDDs.

Cables can be conveniently tucked away thanks to Phanteks’ unique cable management system. Included with the case are two LED cable covers that work along the top edge of the motherboard as well a cable cover door and Velcro cable combs, keeping cables out of sight but easily accessible. For access to external cables, there is a rear door on the case and cables can be threaded through a rubber cable grid at the back of the chassis to hide cable clutter.

Available in Black or Matte White, the Phanteks NV7 is a sturdy case with a striking aesthetic. The chassis itself is made from thick 1.5mm high-quality steel with a reinforced outer frame and extra corner brackets for rigidity. The thick rear panel is sturdy to prevent GPU sag. To best showcase internal components, Phanteks have opted for a near-seamless tempered glass panel that wraps around the front and side of the case. The front I/O, which can be moved to the rear of the case, features 1x USB 3.2 Type-C Gen 2, 2x USB 3.0 Type-A, power button, microphone/ headphone jack and 4x D-RGB buttons (Mode, Colour, Speed, Channel).

New D-RGB Control
The Phanteks NV7 features Phanteks brand-new D-RGB Controller. This dual controller operates with plug-and-play allowing it to be used immediately. Both channels offer two ports and can be controlled separately for varying combinations of effects. The controller features new modes as well as an extra speed control button to be able to control the speed of each effect. The D-RGB lighting can be controlled via 4 buttons on the top of the chassis and is compatible with third-party software.

Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB

Inspired by the aerodynamic fan blades of the T30 fan, Phanteks introduces the Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB. The D30-120 features 30mm thick fan blades complete with integrated D-RGB lighting to provide high air pressure and great aesthetics. The Halos lighting ring inside the fan frame is reflected by the blades to create a brighter and smoother lighting display. The frame also contains diffuser lines to create a continuous effect through any other fans in a series. The fans can be easily linked together, and the screw cover plates, and bridge connectors provided allow several D30 fans to join together as one unit.

The Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB is available in regular or reverse airflow models to create the perfect setup. Each model is available in black or white as a single or triple pack and is compatible with Digital-RGB equipped motherboards and Phanteks Digital-RGB products.

Pricing and Availability
The new Phanteks NV7 chassis is now available on Overclockers UK for £199.99 for the black and white models. The Phanteks D30 D-RGB 120 Series cooling fans are available for pre-order on Overclockers UK. See pricing below.

Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB (Single Fan) - Black/White: £25.99
Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB Reverse Airflow (Single Fan) - Black/White: £25.99
Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB (Triple Fan Pack) - Black/White: £74.99
Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB Reverse Airflow (Triple Fan Pack) - Black/White: £74.99

For more information, please visit the product page links below.
Phanteks NV7 Chassis
Phanteks D30-120 D-RGB Series Fans

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