NZXT HUE 2 Ambient RGB Lighting Kit Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅29-04-19
The NZXT Ambient RGB Lighting Kit certainly adds a unique appeal, whether you wish to use it for backlighting to reduce eye fatigue or for the additional ambience that the “Ambient Mode” can add with its real-time colour adjustment, though it’s not without its flaws which are hard to ignore at close to a hundred pounds or dollars.

Setting up the lighting, providing you have a bench or table that you can set your monitor onto while you apply the strips, was a very easy process. The sticky-backed strips were just that, sticky, so they went onto the plastic monitor surround without issue. The corner pieces also make lining everything up a doddle, without the hassle of additional cables to hide or bend into shape.

Setup within the software was also painless, especially with the calibration tools at the start. However, having said that, a brightness adjustment would be nice when using the LEDs in their “Ambient Mode”, as sometimes the colours can seem a little washed out compared to the screen’s representation. Turning up the brightness in-game gives the desired effect of strengthening the colours on the wall but ruins the display’s accuracy and colours in the process.

Using the LEDs to illuminate the wall in a colour of your choosing can look fantastic late at night, particularly if you’ve invested in several other RGB LED products, which if you’re looking to buy this, is more than likely.

With the rapid adoption of RGB lighting within the PC industry, the NZXT Ambient RGB Lighting Kit will undoubtedly become popular amongst those with plenty of disposable income, but if you’re buying the kit to add immersion to your game, you may find better value by investing the £90/$100 into a better GPU or CPU instead. Though, on the other hand, if you already have a good desktop PC and are totally hooked on the RGB-train then we’re confident you’ll love this kit.

Setup is easy, the RGB LEDs are bright (sometimes), the ambience they add is excellent and the immersion in some games is amazing, but it doesn't come cheap.

+ RGB Lighting looks great!
+ Easy to install and setup
+ Easily hidden behind your monitor for a “factory look”
+ Adds genuine immersion in games with brighter colours and higher contrasts

- Pricey
- Doesn’t play well with 21:9 films on a 16:9 screen
- Ambient Mode can be hit or miss and there’s very little you can do about it

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