MSI Immerse GH30 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅06-12-19
Performance Testing

Design & Build Quality

As mentioned in the intro the headset features padded ear cups and a padded headband, at first glance there isn't a huge amount of padding included on the headband but due to the lightweight design this isn't too much of an issue as the headset doesn't output too much pressure. The ear cups are large enough to fit round most peoples ears, however if you have large ears there may be some clearance issues and due to the lack of clamping force this does give rise to some noise isolation issues.

The microphone is detachable and makes a nice connection with the headset when you plug it in, the arm is easily manoeuvred to make sure it is in the optimal position.

As with the GH50's the GH30 feels well built event though it is mostly made of plastic, there is a fair amount of flex in the headphones but this is to be expected considering the price point and the fact that the headset is foldable.

Audio Quality

As always with multi-platform compatible headsets we always ensure to test them across the devices that they are compatible with, in this instance the headset is compatible with PC and mobile devices.

The GH30 performed admirably well, on both platforms and in a blind test you would think that these were much more expensive than what they actually cost.

Microphone Quality

Unfortunately this is where the Immerse GH30 falls a bit flat, when compared to other headsets in this price range there's just something missing from the audio quailty of the microphone, an audio demo of the microphone is available in the video below.

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