MSI Immerse GH30 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅06-12-19

Product on Review: MSI Immerse GH30 Gaming Headset
Manufacturer: MSI
Street Prices: 34.99 GBP / $49.99 USD / $69.99 AUD

The latest release from MSI into the entry level gaming headset market is the Immerse GH30, a lightweight headset boasting 40mm neodymium drivers, a unidirectional detachable microphone and cross platform capability.

The main point that MSI's marketing material shouts about is how portable the Immerse GH30 is, it's extremely lightweight weighing in at 222g which hints to an all plastic construction, which isn't always good for rigidity. It also folds in on itself so as not to take up to much room if you're packing them away in a backpack with a laptop and to this end the microphone is also detachable. To ensure they don't get scuffed in this situation, MSI have also included a carry pouch in the box.

The Immerse GH30 features soft touch ear cups and padding on the headband to ensure that the GH30's stay comfortable no matter how long you are using them for, the ear cups are also removable in case you need to clean them for whatever reason.

So how does the Immerse GH30 stand up to other competition in this price range? Read on to find out.

MSI on the Immerse GH30:
The lightweight construction and foldable headband make the GH30 easy to carry with you as your daily driver.

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