Kingston HyperX 3K Na`Vi 240GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-08-13

Product On Review: HyperX 3K SSD - Na`Vi Edition
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Kingston Technology
Street Price: 240GB - £159 (at time of review)

Kingston are experts in the storage sector, their product lines and experience span over two decades. Kingston’s HyperX brand has been well received over the years, we ourselves have applauded the original HyperX and 3K SSDs, just recently Kingston announced a new limited edition variant of the popular HyperX 3K…

The HyperX 3K Na`Vi SSD Series is a limited edition option based upon Kingston’s sponsored gaming team Natus Vincere aka Na`Vi. Aside from the visual appearance, this drive remains much the same as the original 3K version – carrying with it SandForce SF-2281.

Kingston on their 3K Na`Vi SSD
The Na`Vi branded limited edition products are primarily aimed at gamers and enthusiasts, who require high performance and reliability, as well as all fans of Na`Vi and eSports, who want to own this unique product to show their support. The Na`Vi Limited Edition collection includes the SSD drives based on the high performance, award winning HyperX 3K model, available with a capacity of 120 GB or 240 GB, as well as top quality HyperX Genesis memory module kits.

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