Crucial X8 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅05-03-20
All things considered, Crucial’s efforts on the X8 Portable SSD are very good, with few negatives to counter that.

Kicking off with the chassis, not only does it look really good, with its curved, pebble-like shape, it’s also very sturdy thanks to the rubber end-caps and aluminium body. You get a real sense that Crucial have designed and built the device properly.

Performance is another positive. We’ve reviewed quite a few portable USB Type-C SSDs now, many of which have claimed to beat the magical 1000MB/s barrier, but none of them have, until now. The Crucial X8 got very close to its claimed speed of 1050MB/s in the CrystalDiskMark benchmark, scoring 1025MB/s. It scores highly across all benchmarks, and averages out as the leader across our test suite.

Crucial’s decision to include a single cable with a Type-A to Type-C adaptor is a novel idea, and we like it, but a way of retaining the adaptor would’ve been good. Just a small something to tether the two pieces together so the adaptor doesn’t go walkies, never to be found again.

This device is also touted as being perfect for backing up on the go, and quickly. The quickly part is all well and good thanks to the brilliant performance of the drive but some bundled software with backup functionality would go further to help bolster those aims.

All in, the Crucial X8 is a good value, stupidly fast external SSD, but the lack of software and security on the drive might have customer’s lean towards the Samsung T7 Touch instead, but you’ll pay more for that.

+ Sturdy chassis
+ Stylish design
+ Blistering performance
+ Excellent compatibility
+ 3-year warranty
+ Good value

- USB Type-A adaptor easy to lose
- No included backup software

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