Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅26-09-19
Closer Look
First off we get a look at the RGB zones on the Virtuoso RGB Wireless which are the corsair logo, which is featured on each ear cup.

In this shot we've tried to give an idea of how much padding has been given for the head band.

The ear cups featured on the Virtuoso RGB Wireless are oval shaped and as mentioned are made from a memory foam material to aid comfort.

The Virtuoso Wireless headset features a volume scroll wheel on the right ear cup along with a switch to change what mode of connectivity you wish to use, wireless, or wired. The wired option also works as a power toggle if you are using the headset in wireless mode.

The left ear cup of the Virtuoso headset features the USB-C charging port, the 3.5mm jack and a notched Mini USB slot for the detachable microphone.

The base of the micro phone also features a mute button for ease of access.

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