👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-01-20
Packaging & Bundle
The CORSAIR LS100 Smart Lighting Starter Kit is delivered in a long, thin box, due to the nature of the light strips inside. There’s a fancy multi-coloured snake-like image on the front and a brief description. The picture kind of reminds us of those Mega Rainbow Dusts you got from the tuck shop.

On the reverse is some information about what’s in the box, how it works and a small picture of the lighting kit set up on a CORSAIR machine.

Laying out the contents of the box, you obviously get your 4 light strips and the controller but there’s also 16 sticky-back magnetic mounting plates, 8 sticky-back cable clips, a braided Micro-USB cable, a power cable, 4 RGB extension cables and your instructions/warranty info.

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