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As you’d expect from CORSAIR, the Dark Core RGB PRO SE performs admirably, and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider one, but it’s not perfect.
Firstly, comfort and build quality is excellent. The mouse feels rock solid, with a lovely left and right click, provided by OMRON, and with the placement of the buttons on the mouse, it’s easy to use for long periods of time.

Using the mouse in the games we threw at it was a largely positive experience. The OMRON switches, PixArt sensor, Slipstream wireless technology and overall design of the mouse showed that CORSAIR really know what they’re doing, with years and years of experience in the game now; we’d like to get rid of that glossy section at the back though.

iCUE has been one of the best software suites for us for a long time, providing a really easy-to-use, centralised location to tweak all of CORSAIR’s products, but this most-recent experience has left a bitter taste. This trend seems to be sweeping throughout the peripherals market, bundling in bloated software that’s becoming increasingly complex and increasingly and buggy as a result. We do hope CORSAIR can remedy this situation; being unable to tweak any of the products you own, after buying into one eco-system, is a seriously frustrating situation to find yourself in.

Pricing, at £100 in the UK and equivalent elsewhere, puts it squarely against some seriously good competition, including the Logitech G903 which can be found for way less than it’s RRP, but you do get 2000Hz polling and 18K DPI to play with on the CORSAIR side of things, plus nine-zone RGB lighting if you're a fan of LEDs.

The CORSAIR Dark Core RGB PRO SE is a comfortable, capable and technology-packed mouse that will see you through many a campaign, but the software needs looking at.

+ Brilliant quality
+ Looks great when fully lit
+ Nine-zone RGB lighting
+ Type-C USB
+ Flawless wireless transmission
+ Option to use Bluetooth
+ Excellent PixArt sensor

+- Pricey

- Let down by the software
- Not the best battery life
- Won’t charge on any of our Qi wireless chargers
- Awkward glossy plastic feels odd in the hand

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