👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-04-20
Closer Look
First impressions of the mouse are mixed but overall good, the design is busy with funky elements, including textured plastic sections that look like an expensive baffled jacket directly alongside glossy, reflective pieces that contrast nicely.

The left edge of the mouse, where the thumb rests, is equipped with three indicator LEDs to show different profiles and DPI settings. Above the thumb are the typical forwards/backwards buttons which can be configured within the software to do almost anything.

Spinning the mouse around 180°, the smooth plastic section covering most of the side can be removed and swapped out for a textured replacement which more closely resembles the left side of the mouse.

Hidden away under the scrollwheel, at the front of the mouse, is the USB Type-C connector. This can be used to connect the mouse for data and charging, turning it into a wired device with no battery concerns, or to charge the device up after your gaming sessions. We’ve found that several different Type-C cables can be used with this, thanks to CORSAIR not designing this region to only accept their proprietary connector.

You’ll also notice that next to the left click there are a couple of smaller buttons on the edge of the mouse. These are used for DPI switching as standard, but can be configured for in-game functions if that’s more useful for you.

On top of the device is a profile toggle button with an LED indicator in front of that.

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