Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Review

👤by Vortez Reviews Comments 📅23-08-18
Closer Look (Externals)

TD500 is presented in the usual eco-friendly packaging which feature diagrams of the case with features/tech specifications. Inside, the case is covered in a clear sheet and held in place with polystyrene pillars.

If we firstly look at the sides of TD500, on the prominent side panel we have an edge-to-edge transparent plastic side panel. Since this is plastic, it is much lighter than the commonly featured tempered glass options we see frequently nowadays. In the lower region Cooler Master has engineered the panel to utilise a diamond cut/polygon design, its rare to see such a finishing touch but we really like it! One thing to note about this panel is that it features four thumbscrews to affix to the chassis the lip to which this panel should sit on is very inadequate, making reattaching the panel quite difficult. This could easily be resolved by CM increasing the lip/ledge. Over on the reverse we simply have a flat, steel panel with no significant features, this is held in place with thumbscrews.

At the front we have a continuation of the diamond cut theme this is one of TD500s standout features and while it does attract dust and marks due to the glossy surface, the design is distinct, unique and very appealing. Incidentally, CM provide a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt. This panel is detachable, a firm pull is required. Underneath there are three 120mm LED cooling fans all of which are configured to be intakes. There is no dust filter supplied for these fans.

Around the back, at the bottom there is an opening for the PSU with seven PCI expansion slot covers above. Lastly, at the top we have the outlet for the 120mm rear exhaust fan and an opening for the rear IO of the motherboard.

Covering all bases, the front panel connectivity is found at the top of the plastic fascia with activity LED, twin USB 3.0 ports, power button, headphone/microphone jacks and a reset button. Its unfortunate we dont have any USB 3.1 options here.

Further back from these ports there is a mesh panel which can accommodate the installation of two 120mm or 140mm fans. Naturally, this also means you can install radiators at the top this is something well explore at the end of this review.

Covering the top there is a magnetic dust filter which can be easily peeled away.

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