Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Review

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There’s been strong emphasis on the Mini-ITX and full ATX computer cases in the last few years and you could argue that Micro ATX has been somewhat neglected. It’s nice to see Cooler Master designing for this form factor and in the Q300L we have a very intriguing solution.

As far as physical attraction is concerned, Q300L settles for middle of the road between gamers and minimalism. We think the patterned dust filters on the top and front of this case are stylish and add a unique degree of flair – though we would have liked to see a raised edge or lip to maintain straight fitment and prevent the filters from moving around too easily.

Although we are dealing with a budget oriented chassis (and one which is pretty tight on dimensions), Cooler Master has provided quite a feature-packed case for the short list. This enclosure can house a wealth of high-performance kit including big CPU coolers and large graphics cards. Storage is also catered for quite well with the option to accommodate both 2.5” and 3.5” drives. Fitting water cooling radiators inside Q300L does have its limitations – the largest being a 240mm and this can only be front-mounted.

Cable management is a particular highlight with Q300L and this is largely due to the huge cavity behind the motherboard tray. We were able to easily tuck away redundant cables as a result of the space and hooks available – in turn this assists with keeping the main chamber clean and tidy, which is especially important since the side panel is fully transparent.

The MasterBox Q300L arrives at a cost of just £39.99 GBP - $39.00 USD - $50 AUD. We do of course have just a single cooling fan pre-installed and there are certain cut-backs like disposable PCI covers but we still regard Q300L as a good value for money option for those wanting to tap into a good selection of features for a Micro-ATX build.

Looking for a quirky Micro-ATX computer case which has plenty of features and won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Consider the MasterBox Q300L!

+ Attractive design
+ Excellent value for money
+ Can lay vertically or horizontally
+ Magnetic dust filters
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Excellent cable management features
+ Accommodates 2.5” and 3.5” drives

- Disposable PCI covers
- Only one fan included
- Screw pack doesn’t reseal

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