be quiet! Silent Base 800 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-07-15

Product on Review: Silent Base 800 Window
Manufacturer & Sponsor: be quiet!
Street Price: £100 GBP / $150 USD

There has been a trend in recent years for companies to expand into other markets and broaden their portfolio of products. be quiet! are one such brand which are on a venture to diversify their collection of products by stepping into the computer chassis market. Making an impression in this already thriving market is key to having even the faintest glimmer of success and with the addition to Silent Base 800 at the end of 2014, be quiet! certainly raised the stakes.

Today, be quiet! unveil a new, albeit similar chassis to their initial release. Silent Base 800 Window, as its name suggests, adds a windowed version to an already popular mid-tower chassis. However, the window on this case isn’t just an ordinary sheet of Perspex, instead we have a double-glazed design which promises to reduce the problem which many side-windows encounter – noise.

be quiet! on their Silent Base 800 Window
be quiet! is justifiably famous for making some of the most technologically-advanced, and absolutely the quietest, PC equipment available. True to the motto “form follows function” the PC case Silent Base 800 Silver offers the perfect symbiosis of noise prevention and cooling performance, a good usability and an extensive capacity for high-end hardware.

With a targeted combination of unique airflow control and sound insulation features, Silent Base 800 is a truly superior case ideal for high-end gaming gear and for quiet systems.

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