be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-06-16

Product on Review: Dark Base Pro 900
Manufacturer & Sponsor: be quiet!
Street Price: £199 GBP / $250 USD

Extending out into the computer case market, be quiet! used the platform at Computex 2016 to unveil their latest top of the line computer chassis. So far we’ve had the Silent Base 600 and Silent Base 800 but today we’ll be delving into a completely new category – Dark Base.

The Dark Base Pro 900 is the first chassis to arrive from the Dark Base family. This new release is regarded as be quiet’s flagship solution – promising to deliver on quality, features and performance. Inside, this case is optimised for high-end hardware including monolithic CPU coolers, big graphics cards and a plethora of water cooling radiators. Dark Base Pro 900 also boasts a number of specialised features which seek to innovate – sounds interesting? Let’s crack on!

be quiet! on their Dark Base Pro 900
The Dark Base 900 and Dark Base Pro 900 represent the high-end of the be quiet! chassis lineup, offering unrivalled flexibility with impeccable cooling and silence features. Typically for a bequiet! product, this new chassis was developed and designed entirely in Germany with high-end enthusiasts and individualists in mind – all of those who expect the highest standards when it comes to modularity, compatibility and design for their high-end workstations as well as overclocked and silent water-cooled systems.

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