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The new RTX 4080 is an excellent upgrade from last-gens RTX 3080, this new GPU manages to exceed the performance output of the renowned RTX 3090.

While the RTX 4090 is reserved for 4K and above, the RTX 4080 is still suitable for 1440p (and 4K). It’s Cuda core count, VRAM spec, and clock speeds make it the ideal GPU for both these resolutions. It should be quite clear and obvious from the 1080p results that there is really no significant benefit to owning an RTX 4080 or 4090 and both cards come into their own once more demanding workflow is applied.

Turning to the design of the AORUS MASTER, we are left with a beautiful graphics card that has been tastefully designed, taking into account the non-RGB and RGB elements. The problem arises when we look at the footprint of this thing, it is vast, to say the last. Its height will mean it will stray into four PCI Express slots and the computer chassis dimensions will need to be taken into account.

MASTER arrives with a factory overclock applied to just the GPU clock boost – taking it from 2505 MHz up to 2550 MHz. We would have liked to see more from an AORUS GPU, such a modification is pretty tame.

The AORUS RTX 4080 MASTER comes in at a GBP £1700 | USD $1800 | AUD $2500. Gamers will need deep pockets and the RTX 4090 isn’t that far away, yet the performance increase is quite substantial.

AORUS’ RTX 4080 MASTER has hallmarks for a superb graphics card. It offers excellent performance for gamers at 1440p/4K and has a truly excellent cooler – just take into account the physical dimensions and weight!

+ Impressive design
+ Unique RGB Lighting
+ Handy dual BIOS switch on rear IO
+ Excellent gaming performance over 3090 Ti
+ Cooling performs very well
+ Zero decibel technology

- Tame factory overclock
- Big power draw
- Huge dimensions
- Heavy
- Cost

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